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My Story

Hi, I am Amol. I am a Yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic healer. Welcome to my world of holistic healing. The journey of my quest began when I first studied Ayurveda. It is one of the best things that happened to me. I studied Ayurveda thoroughly and it took me five years to understand the importance of Ayurveda in my life. When I started applying the basic principles of Ayurveda, I saw tremendous change in my life. I further decided to deepen my study of Ayurveda and opted for post-graduation from Jaipur. I worked with various patients and witnessed some miraculous results on my patients. The application of my studies was bearing fruit and that kept my zeal for the subject alive to date. 

Yoga always fascinated me as I was a physically active student during my college years. I was pulled to study Yoga as it goes hand in hand with the knowledge of Ayurveda. Both are ancient Indian holistic sciences that have been preached for thousands of years by sages and practitioners.  After completing my study in Ayurveda, I further developed a passion for Yoga and went out to study Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore. The know-how of anatomical and psychological aspects of Yoga helps me train my students in a way that improves the quality of their life significantly. 


I am a student of these subjects to date and it keeps fascinating to me how Ayurveda and Yoga intertwine together and help create vital health. The Philosophy of health for me is not just the absence of disease but also having a good physique, mental clarity, happiness, and a sense of purpose. Today, I feel blessed to have studied both Yoga and Ayurveda in depth and to have the capacity to help people heal their bodies, mind, and soul. 


In the most intimate way, I would sincerely say that this is my service to humanity. 

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How working with Amol is different from working with other yoga teachers?

  • Amol ensures teaching authentic Yoga philosophy along with improving your yoga practice 

  • Under his guidance, you will be able to know your body and the real problems that are hindering your overall health. 

  • Being an Ayurvedic healer, Amol is well-versed in how food, movement, diet, and lifestyle affect your overall health. 

  • Having deep anatomical knowledge helps him simplify the asanas and give useful modifications that make the practice much easier. 

  • He ensures that achieving excellent health doesn’t feel tiring for you. All his training will make you feel good and help you leap through your health barriers comfortably. 

  • Amol follows a simple approach to life. He teaches what is right for the body and the soul. There will be no fluff in his coaching. He will tell you straight what is important for your health. 

  • Additionally, Amol tailors his coaching to the individual needs and constitutional makeup of his students. Unlike most other yoga teachers, he will advise you only on what is right for your physique and body based on the knowledge of both the prime sciences.  

Factors Amol takes into consideration while working with you:


  • Any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries of the student/client

  • Physique and health goals of the individual 

  • The daily regimen (Dincharya) of the student before joining the classes 

  • Strength and stamina of the body 

  • Initial flexibility of the body 

  • The overall progress of the client every month


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