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Thoughts on Yoga:

Yoga is a key to good health. Yoga helps one with flexibility, endurance, a peaceful mindset, great posture, and excellent concentration, and unlike what most people believe, it also helps one with developing strength. Yoga helps the mind, body, and soul thrive in health and goodness. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that enhances our overall well-being.  


Contrary to how yoga LOOKS, it benefits many facets beyond our normal comprehension. Asana (physical practice) is just one aspect of Yoga. Pranayam, Pratyahara, Yama, and Niyama are some examples of how Yoga takes care of the health of the mind and soul. The purpose of a yoga practice is revived in its lifestyle. One hour on the mat is not a yoga practice. How we eat, how we tend to our senses, and how we breathe are some highly ignored and unknown parts of yoga that give us fulfilling rewards. 


The physical postures, breathing techniques, and lifestyle practices of yoga can all help to reduce stress, anxiety, and the occurrence of any diseases. It has been proven over and over again how people all over the world benefited from this knowledge. In a fast-paced life like today, in the high-stress environment of an urban setting, yoga can be especially beneficial. 


After completing my study in Ayurveda, I found Yoga to be a holistic science that would perfectly complement my practice in Ayurveda and so I further developed a passion for Yoga and so I went out to study Ashtanga Yoga from Mysore. The know-how of anatomical and psychological aspects of Yoga helps me train my students in a way that improves the quality of their life significantly. 


If you wish to get trained in authentic yoga techniques and improve your strength, flexibility, and mental health, look no further, my classes are open for enrollment and I would be more than happy to lead you on a beautiful journey to wellness.

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